Industry-Leading Finish

Our cabinets are finished with a 2-part conversion varnish which is then baked on, creating the very best finish available anywhere. We can also pigment the conversion varnish to match any color offered by Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore and Kelly-Moore. This process allows us to provide the color you want with the unmatched durability of a conversion varnish. Don’t settle for less.

Note: varying grain patterns can cause noticeable color or grain differences between what you see here and the finished product. Although we can make no guarantees of an exact match, it is this very distinction that makes a stained piece both unique and interesting.

Paint Selections

Super White Swiss Coffee Frost Navajo White  White Dove
  Swiss Coffee with Glaze Frost with Glaze Navajo White with Glaze
Light House Mellow Yellow Pomegranate Stonington Gray Cape May Cobblestone
Grant Beige Clarksville Gray Hampshire Gray Kingsport Gray  Fairview Taupe
Amsterdam Montpelier Stormy Sky Black Horizon Black